Friday, June 19, 2009

Obtuse or right?

Once again, CL comes through with some stellar WTF-ery:

were is my angle of death?

im looking for a kick as rockin out punk goth or rocker chick tha is there own person and f*^% what everyone else thinks.tattos make you hot and if you ride your own bike well that just gets me going. i like to ride my harley play in my mud truck or any thing else fun i want a chick who likes to have fun no matter what you can find me on myspacer under *********sport lets see if you got what it takes im 5'7" blue eyes blonde hair if i dont shave it off

Umm...I'm pretty sure I have what it takes, Sparky. However, it's clear that you do not. I mean, what grown man in modern America doesn't know that there's an 'h' in 'where'?

Yeah, you know what? Don't answer that.

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